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Apostle-Elect Adrian B. Bowens
Sr. Pastor
Apostle-Elect Nicole Y. Bowens


Adrian Bowens is the Sr. Pastor and co-founder of Nu Vision Outreach Ministries in Greenville, South Carolina. Pastor Bowens is a graduate of Easley High School and continued his education at Southern Wesley University where he graduated with a BS in Business Administration. During his time at Southern Wesley University, God found and called Pastor Bowens into the ministry. Bowens also attended the American Baptist College, Martin/Webb Extension, Greenville, S.C.


Pastor Bowens preached his initial sermon in September of 2000 and thereafter became an Associate Minister of New Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. 


Pastor Bowens is a preacher, teacher, speaker and an evangelist whose goal is to get the people of God to understand how important it is to live a Godly life and to celebrate living. Through his living, teaching and preaching, Pastor Bowens has had a powerful impact on the lives of many people from church members, to co-workers, friends, family and even enemies.


God led Pastor Bowens to his wife Nicole, where through God they combined their individual lives and ministries to continue to do the will and the work of God as one. Their wonderful family includes four children Kimberly, Corey, Kirkland and Nicolas. 

Nicole Bowens is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, author, entrepreneur and mentor and is also very gifted in the area of administration. She has a degree in Social Work specializing in Mental Health, with a very strong desire to serve all people, with an especially deep rooted compassion for building marriages and families, youth, young ladies, the disabled and senior populations.


Pastor Nicole seeks and seizes every opportunity allotted to her to minister to those in need in many ways such as giving, counseling and any other way she can be of assistance and be effective in
the kingdom of God.

Over the years Pastor Nicole has previously served as a Deaconess, Administrative Assistant, Church Administrator, Coordinator of Finance Team, Fundraising Chairperson, Women of Virtue Ministry Assistant, Youth Director and Teacher among other ministries within the church.

Pastor Nicole Bowens has been involved in Christian ministry for the majority of her adult life and now serves proudly alongside her husband, Senior Pastor Adrian B. Bowens at Nu Vision Outreach
Ministries, they have four wonderful children and reside in Greenville, SC.

She is the owner of Kingdom Elegance Boutique and N.Y.B. Solutions. She is also the co-founder of Nu Vision Outreach Ministries, Marriages of the Kingdom and founder of Jewels of the
Kingdom. Through these ministries, she eloquently brings light to everyday struggles and gives heartfelt, life-improving guidance to those in need through her life experiences and revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Nicole Bowens is on a mission to boldly challenge those who confess and proclaim
Christianity to live Christianity, according to the Word through the Power of the Cross!



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